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I am a shaman and have my own school;

"The school of integration body, mind and soul"(2017-07-07).

This website is a healingschool together with my four books(unfortunately only in swedish);

"Beyond the children of today", "Summer and winter at the same time",

"Animals and humans side by side", "Mother earth is the most important".

I am a Navajo reincarnated in the white mans world to create peace.

On Gotland I met Kenneth Diner, who is halfnative and he was the one that first mentioned that I was a Navajo.

In my teens I was dressed like a native and I have always been conected with nature, the spirit and animals, especially the wolf. 

When I recently read Marlo Morgans book "Mutant message down under" that is her story about her time with the Aboriginer in Australia I knew exactly who I am and my plan.

The Aboriginer called Marlo the healing-woman.

In 1989-90 I met Maurier on New Zeeland but I did not conect with them more then that we are native. I had the privilege to work 6 months with Mike a Maurier at Quins farm Ohaupo.

In the year 2011 I met the shaman from Peru Jhaimy Alvares Acosta and felt he was my family. He is the reason I got my root back something the white man have lost. Jhaimy is in balance and through him my bodies know balance.

A white man can not give anybody there roots. In the white mans world we have been indoctrinated over such a long time that we can not even see the indoctrination.

In my four books that are all channeled I instruct in being a free divine human being. Through the emotions you reach awareness.

Marlos book which is the first book exept from my healingbooks that I felt is magic. All the information was like a pussle and my life clicked right into it like a true identification.

The Aboriginer Marlo lived with for several mounths are called the "genuine people" and accourding to them Aboriginer are the first humans on earth. The mening with earth is free will and playing with emotions becoming a better human.

In my books the message is the same. My life has been all about honesty. Aboriginer are honesty - they can not lie. Only honest peolpe have the telepatic gift.

Another shaman I strongly believe in are Alberto Villoldo and his expertise in healing. His book "The medicine of the spirit" explain my healinggift and the new doctors.

Every life is a choice and for some reason I have not travelled to north America to meet with the Navajo. I think my plan for this life is total integration of all lives and searching for the beginning.

Some vital information about the Navajo that is part of who I am; Navajo means people.In my books I call them the salt of the earth and the oldest ones.

As natives they are largest in number in todays USA, about 300 000 individuals.

Geographically they live in southweast of USA, above all they live in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Most of them live in Navajoreservation which is the largest nativereservation in the USA.

For a period of 300 years the tribe fought stubbornly spanish intruders and colonizers but without success. Many of this people live as shepards having small heerds of lambs and goats. Some are selling jewelry in silver and turquoise.

My peacework; I have walked the white mans world - walked in his shoes to build a bridge of understanding.

I am highly educated in medicine both traditionel and alternative. I am a nurse and a veterinarian assistent. Borned shaman with the gift to heal and communicate with everything "The spirit".

I love animals and they have healed me from a traumatic childhood.

My kennel with "Dog on prescription" is my personal dream as well as my way to breed special dogs - supportdogs  rescuedogs.

On Gotland they have tried to kill me and my dream - vision - through slander. The justice system have also denied my all legal rights totaly opened. There is a law against slander but the policesystem and the society are supporting slander.

Authorities lies to me just like they lied to my ancestors. They create crime against me and when I read about the Aboriginer how they were treated as slaves in mines and were accused for something they had not done but still got punished for it I feel the history repeating itself.

Alberto Villoldos medicine is talking about the pattern and how vital it is for us to change and we can not change until we want to change.

I am like the Navajo - a fighter but like Nelson Mandela said - only violence when nessessary.

I am borned in 1964 and have walked the path of enlightenment, doing a lot of tests. Aboriginer say; to learn a test you must take the test.

I am a very private person and are only public through this school, my books and my kennel.

I am searching for the right publisher to make my website a book. Sweden is to small for me - killing great person with jealousy. Negative thoughts are for real and effects all energy in a very negative way. Learn from the crime against Michael Jacksson that was innocent. Nobody has the right to invade another persons or animals space. Unfortenately the world is not safe from mentally sick people that are walking over the boundries all the time. I have learned the hard way that dishonest people are here to. I love America for there greatness and I wish Donald Trump the best time ever as the president of the United states.

"Keep the eyes on the sparrow" Theme from Baretta - Don`t do the crime if you can`t do the time.


 In Swedish

Min titel är shaman och catwhisperer. Jag har vetenskapsmannen Albert Einstein som förebild, han sa att fantasin är viktigare än kunskapen. Vidare sa han att människans dumhet är gränslös.

Älskar Astrid Lindgren för att hon hyllar barnet och fantasin. Särskilt Pippi och Emil är djupt inne i mitt hjärta. Emil som är så jätte go och ändå kan ställa till med så mycket att han måste sitta i snickeboa så ofta.

Pippi för att hon får vara fri flicka och inte en stereotyp. Att Pippi är uppväxt själv med djur och har en pirat till pappa stämmer in bra på mitt liv.

Mitt flicknamn är Ekblad men jag har numera ett taget efternamn som är patenterat, Urdarmåne, ett fornnordiskt namn som betyder folktro.

Utbildad hos Terry Evans 2009. Terry bedömde mig som healer o magisk häxa från skogen, det sista sa han att det inte var i negativ mening.

Min äkta identitet är Älva.

När jag gjorde "resan" skapad av Brandon Bays mötte jag mig själv på jorden som en rosa Älva.

Samtalar även med andra naturväsen såsom vättar och de kallar mig Alv.

Jag vill under inga omständigheter förväxlas med tanke på den grymma historien med häxbränning.

Två änglar


Jag är vetenskapligt skolad o andligt skolad; sjuksköterska, djursjukvårdare, medicinskt medium, hundhealare, djurkommunikatör och uppfödare av medicinska hundar -

hund på recept